The pride of owning a Royal Enfield – Cast Iron Engine – motorcycle!

“If you want to be happy for a day… Drink! If you want to be happy for a year… Marry! If you want to be happy for a lifetime… Ride a motorcycle”

And once you ride a Bullet, you will never like riding any other motorcycle. This motorcycle is associated with its own class and has its own feel while driving. There is no other motorcycle around in the market which has been in manufacturing so long, as “The Bullet“.

I bought a Royal Enfield motorcycle in the year 2008 and my life has never been the same ever since! It was a bike which had awesome sound and great power. After they stopped producing Royal Enfield’s with cast iron engines in the year 2010, these have become “collectibles“.

Apart from having the gears on the Right-hand side, which has by far now become my standard riding style, it has also become a matter of great pride for me, ever since the Royal Enfield took a so-called decision to manufacture their motorcycles with gears on the other side, that is, the Left-hand side! So whats the point of riding a Royal Enfield if it has to be like all the other bikes out there!!! Also it had something which none of the other bikes ever had – A neutral lever! With just a single push, the bike returned to neutral gear, no matter if it was in the 3rd, 2nd or 4th gear, doesn’t matter.

The great sense of pride that I am riding a bike which is out-of-production, makes me feel so good. The great sense of pride that I am riding a bike which has gears on the Right-hand side, makes me feel so good! The great sense of pride that I am riding a bike which is equipped with a gear neutral lever, makes me feel so good! And the sound… no match! It is just music to the ears of the owner :)

Royal Enfield 500cc Cast Iron
Royal Enfield 500cc Cast Iron

Every morning, when I start my motorcycle, all in the manual way, using the decompress lever to remove the engine pressure and then kick starting it, has been a sacred art for many people since decades. Its been a daily routine for many motorcycle lovers. Even the kids of my area are attracted to the way this motorcycle is brought to life every morning because of its unique and as they say a complex-starting sequence for this beast.

Apart from being a great ride, older Royal Enfield’s, the one’s with Cast Iron engines were great for motorcycle repair enthusiasts. Their nature of design where everything was not made in a Unified-Combined Engine style, the gearbox, the engine, the clutch and alternator (dynamo), chain set, all could be repaired, modified or studied, each separately. You did not have to open the whole unit just to change the clutch-plates or fine-tune the gears. I still goto the mechanic to get the taped rods of my motorcycle engine tightened to my taste, which is all automatic in the new UCE.

The original Bullet reminds you of a period when life was not like it is now. It was designed in an era when life was lived in a different way. Its riding style is very different from all the reliable bikes available these days. It is this thing which makes it special and gives it the character it has.

Alas, the owners of the new Royal Enfield will never experience all these things. These things will soon be lost with the legacy that was once – The Royal Enfield, the bike which took me to great places, and still holds a special place mine and in the hearts of the Motorcycle people.

Let the beast roar! Start thumping!

7 thoughts on “The pride of owning a Royal Enfield – Cast Iron Engine – motorcycle!

  1. amazing man!

    never had a ride on this bike. i heard a lot of stories about royal enfield and harley davidson bikes. perhaps i will ride one someday.

    great post. keep posting. have a great day at infosys!

  2. I own a Std 500 uce 2014 . Always wanted a bullet right from year 2008 but did not get at that time ….. Dream came true in 2014 after graduation but with a bitter surprise ….. No more cast iron engines ….. My heart just broke as my dad spent 1.50 L but still I yearned for the older ones …… The logo had also been changed, new decals do not attract me . I loved Enfield because of their heritage and British design …. But now it’s like every other motorcycle out there anybody can now ride one ….damn. It’s like losing the girl I loved to someone and now she’ll never be mine ….ever . Oh man ….. The regret of not owing a brand new CI bullet is somwthing we will carry with us to our graves . Life isn’t fair….

    1. I had bought thunderbird. I dont like these fake bikes Sold it to buy an old 1990 model ci bullet. Its really good. Even ppl enquire about this machine and is respectable among other costly bikes.

  3. Well, I was lucky to have one such real “Bullet”.. when I got this as Brand new in 2010 Feb..the very last piece of history, that was the moment I married to it. And it is 5 years old now and still maintained as good as a new one..i’m the pride & lucky owner of this beauty.

  4. Hi..m planning to import a g1 ci engine enfield n alter it with the present condition.could you please advise me about the necessory changes to be made for the components.

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